Craigslist Find

Ralphie’s journey began on Craigslist, with a photo of a sad eyed lemon beagle looking at the camera with a posting that he was going to the pound unless someone will adopt him.
We had just lost our dog Magic due to an incurable brain tumor and our other dog, a beagle named Tilly, was in mourning for him. Tilly would not eat and looked around the yard, hoping for her best friend to return.
The advertisement for Ralphie caught our eye when actually looking for a new car pet crate, not for a dog; however, he looked like just the friend Tilly needed. He seemed to be close to her in size and breed, but the most important thing was how he would interact with our timid Tilly.
We met the people who were giving Ralphie away at the local dog park. I had a bit of resentment toward them until I heard their story. A single mom had found Ralphie running loose without a collar. Her son is allergic to dog hair, and she had tried to find his owner by posting lost dog ads and contacting the local animal welfare agency. The Craigslist Ad was her last hope before having to surrender Ralphie to the pound.
After our chat, we let the dogs off their leads to see how they would behave. Tilly was the one who growled and gave the new guy some attitude but Ralphie took it all in stride. He stood motionless and let her sniff him to her heart’s content and then they began to play.
They have been best friends ever since, and although Magic will never be forgotten, we are sure he was a guardian angel that helped us find the posting for Ralphie.

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